A sense of place, a blog renamed

So take this ring, make it sparkle and glow it’s much greater than we may ever know Back on the stamping ground to where it all began Back on the stamping ground We come again             from “The Stomping Ground ” by Runrig I renamed my blog tonight.  I was going… Continue reading A sense of place, a blog renamed

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It’s been a while…

What the’s most common phrase used to start a post on a blog that’s been idle for several months? I would vote for this, “It’s been a while.”  Yes, it certainly. I have been writing in my journal and messing around with a story idea, but I’ve been gone for other reasons too.  Shear business is… Continue reading It’s been a while…


That’s poetry to me

Earlier this week I read some poetry and I didn’t particularly care for it.   The poet’s work is respected, but I couldn’t appreciate it.  I had to admit, I wondered if I lacked the academic background to “get it.”  Possibly.  I’m sure there are layers of sophistication which completely escaped me.  But the exercise… Continue reading That’s poetry to me


An Ohioan’s Valentine to the month of February

Dear February, A smile in midwinter goes a long way, and a February smile feels like Florida sunshine.  They say that cold hands mean warm hearts.  Well, in the North we ALL have cold hands about now.  And warm hearts too I think.  February, It’s no wonder that love is at your center. Thank you for… Continue reading An Ohioan’s Valentine to the month of February

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Time to retreat

I just went on a writer’s retreat.  Not the group kind, where you share with folks samples from your latest projects.   It was only a ‘writer’s’ retreat’ in the sense that it explored the profound angst of why someone writes and who cares if they do? and I was the only attendee.  The retreat, for the… Continue reading Time to retreat